Early Years Foundation Stage – EYFS


Teddy Time Fitness can be used as a tool to link in with the EYFS goals together with other activities to help find interesting ways to ensure that children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe.

We have outlined some of the ways in which the Teddy Time Fitness App and DVD which includes workouts, stories and educational activities for a healthy lifestyle – links to the Early learning Goals


Communication and Language

  • Goal 1

Listening and Attention – Children listen attentively in a range of situations. They listen to stories, accurately anticipating key events and respond to what they hear with relevant comments, questions or actions. They give their attention to what others say and respond appropriately while engaged in another activity. Children listen attentively in a range of situations.

Teddy Time Fitness – Two-channeled attention: expects the child to listen and perform each exercise. The accompanying story book and animation provide an exciting medium that also meets this goal.


  • Goal 2

Understanding- Children follow instructions involving several ideas or actions. They answer ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions about their experiences and in response to stories or events.

Teddy Time Fitness  – verbal instructions  on how to perform each exercise are given and each child should be able to understand these through a series of titles, demonstrations, and commands.

The Teddy Time Fitness story book and animation provide many how and why moments.


  • Goal 3

Speaking- Children express themselves effectively, showing awareness of listeners’ needs.

Teddy Time Fitness – Extends vocabulary – use of more complex words such as dehydrated, and association of words with exercises such as plank and squats.


 Physical Development

  • Goal 4

Moving and Handling- Children show good control and co-ordination in large and small movements. They move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space.

Teddy Time Fitness – provides a series of exercises to challenge balance, co-ordination, agility, strength, flexibility and endurance.  The exercises also encourage different planes of movement and difficulty by using a weighted bear.


  • Goal 5

Health and self-care- Children should know the importance for the good health of physical exercise, and a healthy diet and talk about ways to keep healthy and safe.

Teddy Time Fitness – shows examples to promote understanding that good practices such as exercise, healthy eating, and oral hygiene contribute to good health. Not only is Teddy Time Fitness an exercise program focusing on benefits of physical activity but it also reveals the importance of healthy eating and lifestyle through stories and fun activities.


Personal, social and emotional development

  • Goal 6

Self-confidence and self-awareness: Children are confident about trying new activities and say why they like some activities more than others. They are confident speaking in a familiar group, will talk about their ideas, and will choose the resources they need for their chosen activities. They say when they do or don’t need help.

Teddy Time Fitness  – provides different workouts such as Studio, Woodland, Space, Jungle and Pirates which children can choose from the App or DVD. Resources on the App also include Teddy Brush which helps children understand the importance of brushing their teeth and a timer to help them. Teddy Brush can be used within a group activity to talk about oral hygiene and how they can improve their own oral health.

  •  Goal 7

Managing feelings and behavior:  Children talk about how they and others show feelings, talk about their own and others’ behaviour, and its consequences, and know that some behaviour is unacceptable. They work as part of a group or class and understand and follow the rules. They adjust their behaviour to different situations and take changes of routine in their stride.

Teddy Time Fitness  – encourages group exercise and children will understand they will need to work within limited space provided with others, tolerate other behaviours and take control of their own actions. They will also understand how they are feeling during the workouts as their breathing and heart rates increase and muscles ache. The workouts follow a sequence which should be followed in order from Warm up, Main workout to Cool down.


  • Goal 8

Making relationships:

Children play co-operatively, taking turns with others. They take account of one another’s ideas about how to organise their activity. They show sensitivity to others’ needs and feelings and form positive relationships with adults and other children.

Teddy Time Fitness  – Should be supervised by adults who encourage the children to take part in the exercises forming relationships with the children. The children can help prepare the activity area to perform the workouts.  The children should be encouraged to motivate and encourage each other during the workout. Sharing the Teddy Time Fitness weighted bears between them encourages sensitivity to others and using Teddy Food can encourage working with each other and adults around fun food activities.



  • Goal 9

Reading- Children read and understand simple sentences. They use phonic knowledge to decode regular words and read them aloud accurately. They also read some common irregular words. They demonstrate understanding when talking with others about what they have read.

Teddy Time Fitness – has an accompanying book to be read by adults to children, and children to adults. An animation has been provided telling the same story as the book, to bring it to life and make it more exciting. Also, the child can read it with the superhero teddy bears and act out the story to develop an understanding of the words in the book. Teddy Food has printable activities for children to read simple instructions.

  • Goal 10

Writing – Children use their phonic knowledge to write words in ways which match their spoken sounds. They also write some irregular common words. They write simple sentences which can be read by themselves and others. Some words are spelt correctly and others are phonetically plausible.

Teddy Time Fitness – can be used as a topic to encourage children  to write about  how they feel when doing the Teddy Time Fitness workouts. Using observation he children can write about the visual content of the animations. Included in the Teddy Food there are activities that encourage children to live healthier lifestyles and understand new words.



  • Goal 11

Numbers- Children can recite numbers in a sequence up to and beyond 10. Begin to use the vocabulary involved in adding and subtracting and use number names accurately in play.

Teddy Time Fitness can be used to encourage children to recite the descending numbers on the “court down clock” in order from 30 to 0. Within some of the workout’s children need to count steps “1,2,3,4 Jump!” Within the App. Teddy Food has activities to encourage counting and weighing  ingredients and ticking off shopping lists.

  • Goal 12

Shape, space and measure- Children use everyday language to talk about size, weight, capacity, position, distance, time and money to compare quantities and objects and to solve problems.

Teddy time Fitness – Measures short periods of time in simple ways: The Teddy Time Fitness App uses a countdown in both the exercise and rest periods. Teddy Food activities have been produced to involve size and weight of food or portions, time to cook ingredients with Teddy Recipes and charts to record quantities of different types of foods consumed.


Understanding the world

  • Goal 13

People and communities- Children talk about past and present events in their own lives and in the lives of family members. They know that other children don’t always enjoy the same things and are sensitive to this. They know about similarities and differences between themselves and others, and among families, communities and traditions

Teddy Time Fitness – Can be used as a tool to encourage children to  talk and illustrate about how active they are and include family members activity levels. Teddy Food involves different types of food activities about where and how food is grown around the world.

  • Goal 14

The world- Children know about similarities and differences in relation to places, objects, materials and living things. They talk about the features of their own immediate environment and how environments might vary from one another. They make observations of animals and plants and explain why some things occur and talk about changes.

Teddy Time Fitness – has animated workouts which show different environments such as Woodland, Space, Jungle and Pirates. Each workout provides an opportunity to observe different landscapes with plants and animals. Teddy Food looks at where foods come from and how they look, feel, smell and taste.

  • Goal 15

Technology – Children recognise that a range of technology is used in places such as homes and schools. They select and use technology for purposes.

Teddy Time Fitness – Can be used on a Phone, Tablet, PC viewed on a Smart TV. The workouts can be requested on DVD if required. Children need basic skills to operate the App and navigate around the Website at home and view or try themselves with in a childcare environment.


Expressive arts and design

  • Goal 16

Exploring and using media and materials – Children sing songs, make music and dance and experiment with ways of changing them. They safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function.

Teddy Time Fitness – Using the Teddy Music on the App and DVD children can use it not only to remember the exercises but to make up new moves for themselves. Teddy Food encourages children to eat using the colours of the rainbow and describe different foods. Activities using different materials and colours to make pictures of different foods could be used to make this goal achievable.

  • Goal 17

Being imaginative – Children use what they have learnt about media and materials in original ways, thinking about uses and purposes. They represent their own ideas, thoughts and feelings through design and technology, art, music, dance, role-play and stories.

Teddy Time Fitness – takes children to different parts of the world and into different environments encouraging them to follow stories. Following the workout children can use these ideas and make up their own ideas for stories and role-play. Teddy Food will provide activities and resources to encourage children to write stories, produce artwork and roly- play.

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