Empower your children with the skills to continue through life being active and healthy

Public Health England published the figures of overweight children in the UK on 5th March 2019:

  • in 2017/18, an estimated 22.4% of children aged 4 to 5 in England were overweight, a similar percentage to 2016/17 (22.6%)
  • in 2017/18, the percentage of children aged 10 to 11 who were overweight was 34.3%, a similar percentage to 2016/17 (34.2%)

Why is physical activity important for children?

I wanted to highlight how important it is for your child to be physically active and develop their physical literacy from an early age. Developing physical literacy supports your child’s development from birth into adulthood.

Research has also shown that without physical literacy, children can withdraw from physical activity and sport. This can lead them to more inactivity and less healthy choices during their adult lives (Kirk, 2005).


What is Physical Literacy?

Physical literacy is about being able to value and take responsibility for your own engagement in physical activities throughout your life.

Having the qualities below will provide you with the “tool kit” to do this:

  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Physical competence
  • Knowledge and understanding

For more information, take a look at the Foundation Years Parents’ Guide 2015, which provides a helpful guide to different areas of development of your child in the early years. If you would like to find out more about how Teddy Time can assist with your child’s development, click here, or email info@teddytime.net with your questions.